measure blinds

Blinds, how to measure for them

There are many choices for window blinds in the market, horizontal, vertical, energy-efficient, blackout, etc. One thing they all have in common is that if you want them to look good, they must be adequately measured and installed so that they completely cover the window.

The first choice you must make is whether you would prefer to mount them on the inside of the frame or on the outside. If you want to install them on the inside, make sure the frame is large enough to fit the mounting brackets before you purchase your blinds.

Measuring blinds width

 To measure the width, you must make three sperate measurements, one at the very top of the window, one at the middle, and one at the bottom; this is because it is rare to find a window that’s perfectly spaced from top to bottom. You must then choose the smallest number, and that’s the width you must use to purchase your blinds. If the numbers vary too much, maybe by a couple of inches, then we would recommend mounting them outside of the frame to avoid the light from leaking into the room from the broadest part of the window.

Blinds mounted outside the frame are relatively easier to measure correctly and to install as well. If you are a novice at doing things yourself, we recommend starting with outside mounted blinds. They are more forgiving of measuring mistakes, easier to install, and any errors in the installation will be harder to notice.

To measure width on an outside mounted blind, measure the outside edges of the frame and add two inches to that number. When installing, remember to make sure the middle of the blind and the window frame are perfectly aligned and use a level to ensure it isn’t tilted. 

Measuring blinds height

To correctly measure the height of inside mounted blinds, the process is very similar. Start by measuring the left, then the middle and the right part of the frame from top to bottom. This time you must choose the largest number instead of the smallest, again this is so that the blind can close the gap altogether to avoid any light leaking into the room.

When installing outside mounted blinds, once you have decided how high you want the blinds mounted (personal preference determines how far from the top of the frame you want it installed) measure from that point to the bottom of the window, and then add two inches to that number.

DIY (do it yourself)

If you are new to the DIY (do it yourself) world and want to start doing little projects around the house, installing blinds is a good choice since it is a relatively uncomplicated process that can be fun to do with the family. It requires very few tools, just a drill, plastic anchor plugs, and a screwdriver. It’s a perfect starter project so that you can begin assembling your toolbox.

It will allow you to later tackle more significant projects without bothering your neighbor for his tools. Make sure that you measure everything twice and that you use a level before breaking out the drill. If you want professional help, you can contact us here. We are more than happy to help.