Chattanooga Window Treatment pricing

Origins of Chattanooga Window Treatments

Chattanooga window treatment started as an interior design firm, after working for a little while they realized that the local market didn’t have an adequate window treatment supplier, so they decided to specialize in that sector to offer a better quality tailor-made service to a market that badly needed it.

Expectations of window treatment pricing

 Many people are surprised by windows treatments pricing without realizing that it’s the cheapest its ever been. People used to pay a lot more for it, but it still is a considerable investment. Prospective buyers should be aware that redoing the windows treatments of their homes is an expensive process, but they add so much value to your home.

Not only are they incredibly decorative but they also provide sound and temperature insulation. Installing the right ones can really accentuate natural light which really makes all the difference in a house’s aesthetic.

Why hire professionals?

Our experience helps us decide on many little details that the average person might not be aware of. That includes things like how high should they be installed, how long should they be, what fabric is the most appropriate for any given room, how translucent it should be, among many other things that might seem irrelevant to the untrained eye. However, it really makes a difference when it all comes together. If you are spending money to redo your window treatments, you might as well do it perfectly with the help of professionals. Every single one of our customers says that they are delighted with our work. They can’t believe how beautiful the final look is. That’s why knowing all those little details ultimately pays off.

There’s a significant difference between using ready-mades online and custom made products carefully selected for your windows. The right treatment can accentuate your home’s furniture. It can make everything in your home look bigger and more expensive. It can give it that magazine look that every homeowner dreams of, but few actually achieve. 

Choosing the correct size is paramount. And using top quality fabrics might seem like a steep investment at first, but their longevity will make up for it in the long run. You’ll enjoy a better-looking home for many years. The inverse is also true. Using a cheap, low-quality treatment can make even the finest Italian leather living room set look cheap.

Do it in stages if necessary

It is better to go high quality and do it in stages than to do it all at once with a sub-par product. Start with your bedroom and make your way through the rest of the house as fast or slow as your income allows you to. It will pay off in the long run, especially if you are planning to move to another house. Having a beautiful looking house will most likely help you sell it for a better price and recuperate some or all of that investment.

We do offer options for those on a tighter budget while still providing a quality product, but you do sacrifice your range of options. You might have to stick to white instead of color, and while that won’t bother some people, if your dream house has a specific color in mind for your window treatments we strongly advise that you wait and do it exactly like you want to, after all, this investment in top quality materials means that you’ll have to live with whatever you choose for many years. It’d be a shame not to get your dream house aesthetic just to save a few dollars.

Window treatment pricing

After reading all this, you may be ready to hear some numbers. Window treatment pricing for a 40*60” window using top quality decorative materials can cost you as little as $1500 in the low end if you want to get the best of the best a high-end installation could cost you up to $4500.

We encourage everyone to get what their hearts desire regardless of window treatment pricing, go for that dream magazine look and make your house a home. We’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

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