Why Do Window Treatments?

You just bought the new house and you’re so excited to move in. You get the keys, unload the truck, unpack (most of) the boxes, set things in place, and step back for a look around. Furniture, lamps, rugs, it’s all there. But somehow, it still doesn’t feel warm and inviting or finished.

Your windows are open and bright….maybe just a little too much. You’ve thought about adding window coverings, but the cost and process seem intimidating. Your friends purchased ready-made panels for their windows, but they appear ill-fitting and don’t seem to enhance the room.

Are window treatments worth the cost? Here are some reasons why you should consider professional window coverings for your windows.

Privacy: This is an obvious reason. But do consider that some window treatment types do a better job of covering the windows than others, and nothing is more satisfying than pulling the cord or pushing a button and having those coverings close with little effort.  You really want them to work well every time you use them and not struggle with them.

Sound enhancement:  If you have high ceilings or wood floors you may notice that there is an echo or sounds bouncing around the room. Drapery panels can definitely help with absorbing these soundwaves and will make your rooms much more comfortable to live in.

Controlling heat and cold: This may be one of the most important reasons to consider window coverings. The high cost of heating and cooling a home can be a great concern, especially if the home or the windows themselves are large. Lined window coverings on your windows can keep out the intense heat of summer and the drafts of the cooler seasons and greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency if they are professionally measured and made to fit the windows correctly. If you walk by your windows and feel a draft (or the radiating heat of the sun) you would definitely benefit from professionally-made treatments.

Atmosphere: Almost more than any other element, window coverings make your house a home. Nearly every time we finish an install, the homeowner says, “Wow, what a difference. Now I see how badly I needed them!” The right window coverings, perfectly measured and carefully selected, are that missing element that sets your home apart and makes it look truly finished. Don’t cut corners.  Save some money in your decorating budget and get them done right. It will enhance the value of your home and the degree to which you enjoy it.  Make your home the best it can be!

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