Making Your Home Your Haven

In these difficult times, home has become more important than ever before.

We have all been at home for weeks now. We have had plenty of time to get a good look at our surroundings. Time to learn how our home make us feel when watching a movie in the living room. Time to notice what’s around us while cooking dinner in the kitchen, eating breakfast around the table or settling in for bed time each night. Every room in our home has become an even bigger part of the day to day.

So how do rooms need to be changed to make your home more beautiful and comfortable? What would make your home a better refuge for you in these times of stress and uncertainty? Even changing a few little things can make a big difference.

Start by walking around your home and listing the things that need to be replaced or changed.  Do you need to make repairs? Write them down.  Are you keeping things that don’t work because you’ve spent money on them in the past? Get rid of them. Is there a feeling of tension? Less clutter, a floor plan that helps with traffic flow, and a more unified color scheme can all make a huge difference in your space.

Finding the right things for your space can transform your home into the haven you need. Correctly placed artwork, complementary accessories, and custom window treatments are the finishing touches that make your home more beautiful. These elements can repeatedly make you sigh with relief when you come through the door.

Four Tips for Beautifying Your Home

Clean Out, Clean Up

The first step in creating the home atmosphere you want is simply getting rid of everything you don’t want or need. Take a look through each room in your home and pick a few things that don’t belong or simply aren’t necessary. Gather up all of these things and get rid of them. Start cleaning out today, and be merciless. You will feel empowered and encouraged.

Your lifestyle determines how your home can become your haven

Your lifestyle should feed into the way you choose to style and organize your home. Is it you and the kids and pets at home every day? Do you (or your spouse) work from home? Do you entertain often? Would you like to start?

Take an honest look at your lifestyle and then work to create a space that supports and reflects it. Carving out space in your home for the specific things you and your family enjoy is important. Doing so will provide a sense of harmony in your home that may have been missing before.

Settle on a Style and Stick with It

Do you love the look and feel of the country rustic style or do you appreciate more of an Urban Farmhouse look? Or is your style more traditional and formal? Does modern glamour speak to you?

Research styles, find what you love, settle on one, and go with it. Your furniture, paint scheme, floor plans and accents should all revolve around your lifestyle story and a single style that embodies you!

Don’t Forget the Details

Of course, window treatments are a top priority in providing privacy and comfort in your space. However, they are also especially powerful in turning your house into your haven. Rugs, lighting, art and accessories are also essential. When choosing the decorating elements to add to each room in your home, let this be your standard: Fewer things, better quality. 

Now, more than ever, your home should be your retreat. Your happy place. And we are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s make your home your haven.

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