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Traverse Rods: The Ultimate Solution for Tall Windows and Heavy Fabrics

Traverse rods are specialized curtain rods that utilize clips embedded into a pulley system instead of rings. This allows for smooth operation every time with a simple cord pull or hands-free motorization if desired. Unlike standard curtain rods, traverse rods are engineered to gracefully distribute the weight of substantial fabrics evenly across the rod to prevent sagging or bunching.

How to Dress Over the Sink Kitchen Windows

You need something inspiring when you’re tackling domestic drudgery, which is why choosing the right window treatments for your kitchen is so important. They can make time spent preparing meals and washing dishes so much more enjoyable. There are many options in the world of window treatments, and what works best over the kitchen sink depends on a variety of factors, from privacy and light control to moisture resistance and easy cleaning. Here are some of our favorites.

Christmas Decor Tips

Holiday Decor Tips

It’s Christmas in Chattanooga! This is hands down my favorite time of the year. And it’s not just the holiday parties, time spent with friends and family, or the festive hustle and bustle. I live for the holiday decor! I can’t help it – it’s just my nature to be a little extra during Christmas. Here are a few ways I like to take decorating for the holidays to the next level.

Why are Roman Shades so popular?

As a seasoned design and window treatment expert, I often find myself singing the praises of Roman shades. These timeless window coverings have stood the test of time, blending sophistication with versatility to enhance any space.

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