How to Dress Over the Sink Kitchen Windows

Have you ever stood at your kitchen sink, scrubbing last night’s casserole dish, and gazed out at the view (or lack thereof)? You need something inspiring when you’re tackling domestic drudgery, which is why choosing the right window treatments for your kitchen is so important. They can make time spent preparing meals and washing dishes so much more enjoyable. There are many options in the world of window treatments, and what works best over the kitchen sink depends on a variety of factors, from privacy and light control to moisture resistance and easy cleaning. Here are some of our favorites.

Roller Shades

For a sophisticated yet easy-to-maintain option, a high-quality roller shade is an absolute must. The smooth, clean lines complement both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles, but the key benefit of roller shades is their functionality. They can be motorized or manual, with cordless, chain, or cassette mechanisms available.


Don’t overlook the power of a fabric valance or faux Roman shade as a stylish top treatment for kitchen windows. With endless patterns and textures to choose from, a valance allows you to integrate your own unique style, maximizing light and visibility while evading damage from splatters and moisture.


The sleek, symmetrical lines of shutters add architectural detail for an elegantly framed view and are a classic yet versatile option when it comes to light control and privacy. But the best part? They are so easy to clean — just wipe them down with a damp cloth every now and then. In the kitchen, we recommend using faux wood or vinyl over real hardwood so you never have to worry about warping or water damage.


Don’t discount the power of blinds for simple and effective over-the-sink functionality. Blinds are versatile, practical, and easy to wipe clean. While not the most glamorous choice, their flexibility and affordability makes them a perfect choice for many kitchen windows, especially paired with other window accents. For a splash of style, add decorative tapes along the edges or couple blinds with a coordinating fabric valance.

As you can see, with a kitchen’s regular steam exposure, high splatter rankings, and light requirements, durable, hassle-free, and easy to clean window treatments are essential. At Chattanooga Window Treatments, our goal is to provide our clients with solutions that are both beautiful and highly practical. 

Our full service approach sets us apart in the industry — you won’t find support like this anywhere else. Whether you need to dress only your kitchen windows or your entire home, we’d love to help! Our expertise goes well beyond window treatments, with services ranging from soft furnishing to wallpaper and interior design. Let’s talk soon about your kitchen window treatments project.

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