Custom pillow

Seven custom pillow ideas for your home

A Custom pillow can be a very original way to personalize your house and make it a home. From family pictures and inspirational messages to thematic choices that complement your home’s aesthetic. Here are some ideas for custom pillows:


Admittedly one of the most obvious ones. Flags on pillows are a perfect way to let people know your heritage without having to hang a flag from the wall. They can also commemorate a significant trip or make the places you’ve visited.

Family names

Kids love having things to call their own. Even if the pillows are virtually identical, you’ll laugh watching brothers shouting at each other to get their “own” pillow back.

Pictures on custom pillow

With custom pillows, you can turn your couch into a gallery. Family pics, pet pics, you name it, the sky’s the limit.

Thematic custom pillow

Some houses follow trends and themes throughout the whole decoration. These themes can vary widely in scope, but pillows can be made to fit your entire aesthetic. For example, if you choose to use vinyl to decorate your walls, your pillows can follow the wall prints. If you have trees printed on your walls, you can have them on your pillows as well.

If they are for a vacation home near the beach, they can be adorned with nautical objects like anchors and life preservers. Or, you can make them an extension of your other hobbies or projects. If you are a Dj, you can decorate your pillows with turntables and musical notes.

Your company logo on your custom pillow

If it’s a business you are trying to decorate, you can place the company logo on the pillows. You can also add your business’s Instagram and other social media.

Inspirational quotes

Who doesn’t love waking up to an inspirational message to start the day with the right attitude? This can be very endearing and tastefully done.

Sports teams

What better way to let your visitors know which teams they can’t badmouth under your roof than your team’s mascot or logo on your couches custom pillows.