The World of Window Treatments

Draperies, linen shades, valences, Roman shades, balloon shades… the list goes on. The latest design elements for window treatments really bring your house together and turn it into a home. Nancy shares some of her current favorite window treatments and divulges why you should save room in your budget and how window treatments can truly make all the difference in your home.

Roman shades and balloon shades are popular window treatments now and are starting to appear in some of the more high-end design magazines. Usually from here, it’s not long before we start seeing these design trends everywhere. This is encouraging to see, as these publications are often the standard of interior design. 

Are window treatments back?

There are a lot of design elements that are very classic like wallpaper, window treatments or patterns like polka-dots, chintz or tartan in the winter time. Then there are the fads. There are a few design trends that come into fashion in such an extreme way that they quickly become overused and folks get tired of seeing them everywhere. Pretty soon, these trends die out and are never to be seen again. The window treatments of the 90’s fall into this category of design.

When people think of window treatments, they often think of the elaborate window decor of decades gone by, with their swags and bows and tassels and fringe. When draperies were very heavy and very over the top, they really made a statement but quickly hit a wall in the design world. However, window treatments encompass more that that brief time period. Window treatments are classic and they really never went away, although they did get simpler. Now, instead of these extreme embellishments, window treatments are designed to complement the room without dominating it as they did in the past. The right window treatment these days is soft and makes the room looked finished and comfortable.

Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Don’t Go for Point-and-Click Products

Nancy’s advice – don’t run out and buy ready made window treatments! They aren’t going to fit correctly and will never be the right length, something that is really hard to get right. The weight of the fabric will be wrong for your window and those products will hold onto creases for a long time, despite steaming and ironing. It may seem minor, but the hardware can make a huge difference as well. It needs to look as if was designed specifically for that window and for that room. Bottom line is that you’ll get these ready made window treatments and you simply won’t know what to do with them, so invest in something custom instead.

Ready made window treatments won’t bring any value to your home, but custom treatments can truly make all of the difference. If you have an incredible home that you’ve really invested in, choosing point-and-click products for your window can truly cheapen the look of your entire home both inside and out. Custom treatments are going to make your home look and feel high end and valuable. Even if your window treatments take you a bit above your desired budget, the value added is worth every penny. Ensuring that the products on your windows are the right fit will truly enhance your room, enhance your quality of life and enhance the value of your home down the road. 

Window Panels

Window panels are a big trend now, one that Nancy often installs with a small band for embellishment. Top headers are softer than they have been in the past. Panels can be done stationary on the sides or can be done traversing. These are great because you can simply pull a cord and they will open and close easily. Panels do a great job of keeping out heat, cold and light and are a great option for your windows.

Roman Shades

These are fabric panels that are designed to perfectly fit the perimeter of your window on the inside or outside. You simply pull the cord and the shade will fold and stack, saving you the fuss of any extra fabric. Roman shades can be more cost effective than other types of panels and are perfect for bedrooms or above the kitchen sink. They offer a more contemporary look and can even be combined with panels for a unique look that will truly enhance your window.

 Window Valences, Balloon Shades and More

Valences are great for really small windows and really small spaces. They provide a finished, polished look in these areas that don’t necessarily demand a full window treatment. These are also great for hiding any hardware above or around the window. They can make the space softer and just that little bit of fabric can make all the difference in the world. 

Professional Installation Makes a Difference

Nancy works with professionals who know exactly how to install your window treatments. These experts know exactly how everything should hang, where the hem line should end at the bottom and exactly where that Roman shade should stop above the window sill. A true professional will also be able to install the returns correctly… and if you’re wondering what a return is, please don’t shop for window treatments by yourself! Ultimately, an installation professional will ensure that you are comfortable operating the treatment yourself and knows how to ensure everything is hung correctly so you aren’t surprised when your window treatment crashes to the ground in the middle of the night. 

Trends in Window Treatments

Around the Country

Nancy travels often for various seminars and often has the opportunity to interact with other window treatment experts and professionals across the country. These relationships and visits to other regions give her a broad view of various trends in the industry and really allow her to stay on top of her craft and offer the latest and greatest to her clients. There are various design elements popping up with window treatments across the U.S. Sleek and contemporary in the east. Very minimal in California. But here in the south, we’re seeing a much more traditional look.

Traditional Treatments in the South

Here in the southern United States, the trend for window treatments is sticking to a more traditional look. We aren’t holding on to the swags of twenty years ago, but are still loving a genteel southern charm to our homes. This includes soft draperies in the windows, roman shades, and a lot of patterns and colors. If you love that southern look, traditional treatments with tailored trims and modern adjustments are perfect for you and your home. 

Modern Look in Chattanooga

While Chattanoogans still enjoy our southern charm, a sleek, contemporary, sophisticated look is making it’s mark and bringing along a bit of a rustic vibe as well. This look is perfect for those who are interested in a more modern feel in their home. Roman shades or panels in “colorless colors” like lavender, navy and grays are becoming very popular and can contribute to a clean, sophisticated look as well. While these options are trendy, they are built on the classic southern charm of the south and that charm is something we should always hold onto. Nancy knows that the traditional, genteel southern feel will always be a part of our home and our culture here in the southern U.S. and thinks we should keep this modern, southern vibe going strong!

The Practicality of Window Treatments

Never underestimate the power of a good window treatment to help regulate the temperature inside your home. People don’t often realize what a huge difference your draperies can make, especially if they are installed correctly. The physical barrier provided by your window treatments can change the temperature in your home by up to 15 degrees. Window film is an option that helps to keep UV rays out, but will not help with temperature regulation in your home. A well-done window treatment that’s fully closed can do so much to help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm and insulated in the winter.

Window treatments also truly enhance the value of your home. Shutters especially can add so much value to a room or a house as a whole. Potential buyers walking in who see that the windows are finished are able to check one more thing off their list and are more likely to be interested. When people are looking to buy a home, they are really searching for a feeling. They are searching for an atmosphere. They are searching for a vision and a dream. Interior design in general and window treatments in particular can really convey the message that this is a home for you, not just a house.

Save Room in Your Budget for Window Treatments

When you’re looking at purchasing a home or enhancing the value of your current home, you should always leave room in the budget for your window treatments. They truly make a bigger difference than just about anything else in your home. Buckingham Drive Interior Designs is able to come in with their design department to help you update and enhance your home to make it the best it can be. Nancy’s goal is to help you enjoy the time you have in your home and to create the perfect environment for YOU and your family!

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