Meet Nancy

Meet Nancy

I am Nancy Waddell, and I have spent over 25 years in the interior design industry. I owned my own drapery workroom designing and selling window coverings for several years, and also worked in various home furnishing venues such as Ethan Allen, where I was an interior designer and a manager. I enjoy the flexibility and satisfaction of owning my own business and serving clients on a deeper level.

About Chattanooga Window Treatments

Chattanooga Window Treatments Interior Designs focuses on getting to know you and your needs, style, and desires for your home or office space. We have a special talent for incorporating the practical and the beautiful to bring you the best of everything.


Why Choose Chattanooga Window Treatments?



The Vision

Working with the client to develop a vision for their space that can be carried out on their timeline and budget gets the best possible results for both interior designer and client! I want to see you own the room you’ve always dreamed about having.


The Elements

I focus on quality products from established, reputable companies for my clients. The results are so much more satisfying and the durability and longevity of style are much more likely to bring fulfillment for years to come.


The Experience

Drawing on over 23 years of practical experience in the Interior Design field, I am confident you are not only going to enjoy the final product but the entire design process.